Brook Park residents and guests have come to expect a high level of service from the city and our Service Department. Our Service Department staff frequently exceeds expectations for productivity, promptness, courtesy and dedication to their job. 

The Brook Park Service Department is led by Louis Cayet, Director of Public Service. Just shy of three years Louis has been leading 40 Service Department staff members, and has been doing a wonderful job. Even though there have been cuts the Service Department has gone the extra mile and performed well. I wish I had more room to list each one of the Service Department staff members here, but instead I would like to commend all of them for the fantastic job they do every single day!   

Most residents have no idea how many responsibilities our Services Department deals with on a daily basis. To simply list all of them would be impossible but here are just a few:

  • All the building maintenance
  • Collect garbage
  • Maintain all parks, playgrounds and ball fields,
  • Respond to requests for sewer problems of residents
  • Cut and maintain property of all city owned property including grass cutting and snow removal
  • Hot patch crew maintains the roads 
  • Snow removal of all roads and city owned parking lots in the winter months
  • Collect curbside leaves in the fall
  • Cut grass in the spring and summer
  • Trim and remove trees
  • Maintain a fleet of city vehicles including police cars, fire trucks, garbage trucks, ambulances and other city vehicles
  • Take care of finishing work for the city of Cleveland if there is a water main break
  • Supervised and maintain side walk program     

I believe that the employees of the Service Departments are collectively among the most talented and dedicated workers in our city. Through the efforts of these employees, the City of Brook Park serves the public in an outstanding manner, providing needed services efficiently and courteously. 

If you see one of our hard working Service Department staff, please join me and thank them for a job well done! 


Mayor Tom Coyne 

Mayor Tom Coyne

Mayor of the City of Brook Park, Ohio

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 5:18 PM, 07.07.2016